As featured in Cairns Post in 2015 leading coffee club Beanhunter listed Blackbird Espresso as the second best cafe in Australia scoring an average of 9.5 - a score determined by rating the coffee, atmosphere and customer service. But believe us, you don't need a rating to understand how spectacular this cafe is - you just need to taste the coffee, which brings us to ...

Blackbird Espresso pride themselves on maintaining a morning brew so divine, that you'll be sipping and smiling as you walk out ready to seize the day! Coffee lovers in particular will understand this, as a good coffee can make all the difference as part of someone's daily routine.

So, what makes their coffee so special? Aside from unrivalled passion, Blackbird Espresso have their coffee beans roasted in Queensland and then delivered in-store on a weekly basis. The results? Irresistible. Your coffee is freshest, while promising a superior aromatic blend leaving you wanting more. And if that weren't enough to entice you, they offer a riveting range of coffee blends - a pleasing fit for even unique palates.

It's more than just a leading Espresso bar - it's a lifestyle. Today, Blackbird Espresso is one of the most popular meeting places in Cairns. Whether you're looking to just hang out, bond over a good ol' cup of coffee or recharge within your day - this is the place.

Immerse yourself within a warm rustic-style setting, choose a delicious treat to go with your cup of tea or coffee and just feel welcome - all thanks to their stellar customer service, which is something we're confident you can expect every time.

Have your hug in a mug at Oceana Walk's Blackbird Espresso, Shop 13, open 7 days a week at 62 Grafton Street, Cairns. Follow on Instagram, or find out more on their Facebook page

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Troy and Daniela Furner turned their love for coffee into reality when they opened Blackbird Espresso by Coffee NQ in 2014 [ Read article ]

Today, that love is just as fresh as the coffee - it's simply culture ...

Wed, 18th Jan 2017