Rose Quartz


The beloved Rose Quartz is truly the heart of all stones. It represents all forms of love, whether that's self-love, romance, love for family or just love. It's known to soothe the heart, rid stress and motivate compassion; enabling the heart to heal, open and grow.

TourmalineTOURMALINE - For Positivity.

Tourmaline is used to protect oneself from radiation, where this includes tech items such as your iPhone and computer, and also electrical appliances. Tourmaline, otherwise called 'Schorl' is a protective healing stone, which is also used to banish harm and negativity.

ObsidienneOBSIDIAN - For Protection.

Whenever we carry heavy emotions within us, like envy, revenge, loathing and jealousy, our general health and wellbeing can take a dark toll. Obsidian, also known as Glass Agate, a natural volcanic glass, is the grounding stone used to both protect and free us from these very emotions and negative energies.

FluoriteFLUORITE - For Aspiration.

If you're ambitious but lack direction, find it hard to speed things along or just need a little push, then Fluorite's the crystal that'll help you get where you need to be. Encouraging clarity, spiritual entirety and silence within, Fluorite allows us to attain purpose in a meditative state free from bad vibes and unwanted distractions.

FluoriteCITRINE - For Abundance.

Whether you're wanting more wealth, more love, more kindness, more positivity or just more of something in general, Citrine proves the perfect crystal for abundance. Citrine, otherwise known as a sun-powered 'stone of light', also represents happiness, positive energy and is often worn to welcome good things into a person's life.

Tigers EyeTIGER'S EYE - For Vision.

For those who have trouble gaining perspective, Tiger's Eye works to remove all cloudiness from one's vision; providing a clearer insight without darkness. Tigers Eye, sometimes called 'Golden Tiger Eye', was worn throughout several ancient civilisations to ward off evil.

AmethystAMETHYST - For Insomnia.

If you're constantly stressed, struggle to switch off or just can't sleep, then Amethyst is the right crystal for you. Amethyst is broadly esteemed for its power to naturally relieve stress, build an individual's inner being, remove negative energies, prompt spiritual growth and is still, one of the strongest crystals for healing the home.

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Happy Healing!

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Crystals, after countless centuries, are still renowned for their healing properties. Here, the meaning behind 6 popular types and how each can benefit you.

Tue, 1st Nov 2016