Bohemian Décor DIY Tips

Even though boho chic home décor has a fabulously fun and wild look, a few tips can help ensure things don't get too out of hand.

Colors: Choosing a base color that’s warm and earthy works well, with deep greens, grays and browns some of the most common. Add accents in electric, saturated and fiery colors, such as sizzling red, passionate purple and blazing blue.

Patterns and textures: The playing field is wide open for combining different patterns and textures, layering and hanging fabrics, throws, tapestries, rugs and accessories as desired. Leave some white space or neutral tones as a backdrop to ensure each item gets the attention it deserves.

Furniture: No set style dictates the type of furniture that makes up modern boho décor. Most bohemian homes feature furniture that’s been passed down or collected over the years.

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Modern Bohemian Décor Ideas for Bedroom

A game plan for your bedroom might include items such as:

  • Large colorful rug
  • Vintage iron-frame bed
  • Fringed textile bedspread
  • Hanging tapestries
  • Repurposed wooden crates as nightstands.

Bohemian Decorating Ideas for Living Room

A boho living room might contain:

  • Large patterned rug near the couch, smaller throw rugs near each armchair
  • 1950s style couch, two random armchairs
  • Filmy, fringed throws used as drapery
  • Boho wall décor, textured throws and pillows on couches and chairs
  • Upcycled dresser as entertainment center.

No matter how you mix and match your modern boho décor, the end result is sure to be a house brimming with culture, energy and intrigue. Start creating your very own bohemian home with items from House of Archeion at Oceana Walk in Cairns today.

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Whether you call it boho chic or modern boho décor, bohemian décor is one of the hottest home decorating styles around. Boho décor features an alluring collection of colors, textures, patterns and objects from countries across the world.

Thu, 6th Jun 2019