How long have you owned Shaira Star?

I opened Shaira Star in 2009, so for eight years now.

What inspired you to open a store?

I was a beauty therapist in Japan, and I continued to study beauty after moving to Australia.

I initially opened my beauty salon for the Japanese market, but now I have clients from many different backgrounds. I really enjoy the special knowledge that comes from my precious beauty experiences with various nationalities.

What do you love most about the industry you work in?

What I love most about working in the beauty industry, is that I can always enjoy the beauty experience with my clients. Another great thing, is that I can make use of my beauty knowledge and experience for myself.

How are you preparing your clients for the upcoming races?

It is not particularly for the races alone, but we do run seasonal promotions for different occasions.

This month, we have special offers on pore cleansing & hydration facial and 3D volume lash. Why not get ready for the races with the perfect skin and gorgeous 3D lashes?

We also offer coloured lash extensions and Swarovski stone lash extensions - if you'd like to try something different.

Are there any beauty/skin care tips you would recommend to those getting ready for the races?

I always recommend to my clients that they make small changes to their daily skincare routine, rather than starting something completely new or special.

For example, you could spend a little longer caring for your skin with a little bit more love and care than usual. Even the smallest change can make a difference. To make better choices, you could also watch your diet and your daily routine, which both affect your skin.

Are there any mottos or quotes that you live by? Perhaps words of wisdom that you share with both your staff and clientele?

Practice makes perfect - continuous efforts will lead you to success.

We should always improve ourselves by learning from others.

We couldn't agree more!

Indulge, relax and allow your five senses to flourish within the tranquil environment Shaira Star provides, open 6 days a week, as their dedicated team of beauty therapists take care of you.

Choose from an extended range of services or personalise your treatments following a consultation, and meet your individual beauty needs this wonderful racing season.

Stay tuned, as we race to keep you updated with the latest in trends, style news and more ›

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On getting skin-ready for the races, we speak to Beauty Therapist Kayo Tanabe, Owner of Oceana Walk's Shaira Star.

Thu, 27th Jul 2017