Why Cairns?

The reason Sir Elton chose Cairns for the final leg of his “Once in a Lifetime” tour was simple. He wanted to tour places he’s never been before.

“I never thought I would say this, but good evening Cairns,” the Cairns Post quotes the superstar as saying to the crowd. “We are so excited to be up here in this beautiful part of Australia. We are very stoked to play for you all tonight.”


We miss you @eltonjohn come back to #Cairns 📷 BRENDAN RADKE

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The 25,000 fans packing Cazalys Stadium were certainly stoked, too, engaging in all that aforementioned clapping, screaming and standing ovations. Even if you missed Elton John in Cairns, you can still get up close and personal with his music. Simply bring him home with you.

How’s That?

If you’re looking to bring Sir Elton home with you, all you need to do is stop in Revival Records, located right here in Oceana Walk Arcade. No, you won’t find Elton John hiding in the shop’s broom closet. But you will find a grand selection of his albums – all on vinyl.


Revival Records welcomes Elton John to Cairns! Cazaly's will be rocking! #cazalyscairns #eltonjohnconcert #eltonjohnconcert2017

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Listening to music on vinyl gives you a much richer, warmer experience than you’ll find with digital music files. It can bring you closer to the artist, especially if you listen while checking out the album artwork, the lyrics on the inside sleeve, and all other info that comes complete with a vinyl record album.

Vinyl records use analog recordings, which are better able to capture the complete sound wave produced. That means a vinyl recording can be much more precise, which is why the sound has more richness and warmth.

Check it out for yourself. Swing by Revival Records and take Sir Elton – or other artist of your choice – home with you today.

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You expect clapping, screaming and standing ovations when Elton John performs anywhere. But what you may not have expected is for the legendary musician to perform in Cairns. While Cairns has long been known for amazing things, they’re typically things like wildlife, sunsets, and seaside relaxation.

And now it can add to its list a visit from the wildly successful and wild Sir Elton, who brought on the biggest musical show the Far North has ever seen.

Thu, 9th Nov 2017