Glam Glitter Tips

The most sophisticated celebrations deserve the most sophisticated look, and you can get it with glamorous glitter cascading from the tips of your nails. This perfectly polished look features a nail colour or your choice at the base of the nails, with glitter stretching from the nail tips down toward the center of the nail.

One of the most stunning nail art results combines a subtle pink polish with silver glitter tips, but you can opt for any colour polish or glitter you choose.

  • Daringly dramatic, with deep burgundy polish and silver or gold glitter
  • Icy hot, with white polish topped with silver glitter
  • Glowing golden, with gold polish topped with gold glitter
  • Sensationally seasonal, with deep green polish topped with gold glitter or silver glitter

Violet Nails

Glam Glitter Highlights

Other brilliant holiday nail art ideas involve using glitter to accentuate or create specific designs. Here you can start with a non-glitter base polish, such as red, and add glitter to create:

  • An avant-gard Christmas tree
  • A star or snowflakes
  • Snowmen or polar bears

Or you can use a gold or silver glitter polish as the base, adding nail designs in contrasting black. One or two nails can feature a mini musical score, while others sport a written holiday greeting and the silhouette of an angel.

The choices are pretty much endless, as Violet Nails Waxing has a treasure trove of different nail colours and nail art ideas at the ready. Book your manicure or pedicure today at Violet Nails Waxing. Shop 1, Oceana Walk, 55 Lake Street, Cairns.

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When it comes to the holidays, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. The glitter could very well come from your nails if you go for one of the hottest holiday nail art designs from Violet Nails Waxing at Oceana Walk in Cairns.

Mon, 10th Dec 2018