Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different

Traditional stories often put boys into action slaying dragons or saving a princess, but that's not the only way a boy can be a hero. 'Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different' proves that by outlining not one, not two, but 100 different stories of men who dared follow their own personal path to achieve amazing things.

Some of the guys, like Beethoven and Salvador Dali, are rather famous. Others may be lesser-known but no less inspiring. Definitely one of those books with a message for adults, this collection of inspiring tales is likely to end up one of you and your kids' favorites reads you can enjoy again and again.

Shout Out to the Girls

Amazing women make another fine topic for meaningful children's books, and you can find a flurry of local heroes in 'Shout Out to the Girls: A Celebration of Awesome Australian Women.' This book takes you and your kids on a journey through the lives of some of the most fabulous women in Australian history, and those who continue to inspire.

With easy-to-read biographies coupled with colorful illustrations from female artists, you and your kids will meander through the lives and achievements of women from all fields and walks of life. Some of the wondrous Australian women you'll meet include Turia Pitt, Mum Shirl, Edith Cowan and dozens of others who have helped shape the lives of others.

Shout out to the girls

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Dragons have typically gotten a bad rap throughout fairy tales, but all that changes with the delightful, illustrated story of 'Franklin’s Flying Bookshop.' As one of the popular children's books with moral lessons, this tale introduces a dragon named Franklin, who is intelligent and kind – yet still feared by most kids.

Only one kid dares to talk with Franklin, an independent spirit named Luna. Franklin and Luna not only start to bond over their love of reading and become fast friends, but they decide to open a bookshop – on top of Franklin's back. Franklin and Luna become a welcome sight, teaching everyone they meet that astonishing things can happen when you give others a chance.

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

The Lorax

With zany illustrations and crafty rhymes, 'The Lorax' is classic Dr. Seuss at its best. The story outlines the heroic efforts of a creature known as the Lorax, who is on a mission to save the Truffula trees from destruction. You could peg the Lorax as the original eco-warrior, with a message that still rings loudly today.

The Lorax

Children's books are designed to enhance the joy of reading, and these meaningful children's books not only provide moral lessons but also inspiration for children of all ages.

Keep the joy of reading alive for years to come with the lineup of meaningful children's books at Earth Toys today.

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A lot has changed since the Brothers Grimm penned their fairy tales in the 1800s, but one thing will forever stay the same. Kids love a good story, and Earth Toys at Oceana Walk is packed with tons of them. Check out our favorite meaningful children's books that entertain, inspire and even teach a few lessons along the way.

Mon, 25th Mar 2019