Winsome Wooden Elf

A colourful, classic wooden toy is always good, and it gets even better when it’s as handsome and fun as this elven fellow. This giddy guy was handmade in Germany, meticulously created with care by the famous wooden toy craftsman Kinderkram. That makes it an enchanting eco baby toy that doubles as darling heirloom.

Captivating Kinderboard

Whether you call it a wobble board, rocking board or balance board, this kinderboard will quickly become designated as tons of fun. With a smooth, streamlined shape that lets kids rock merrily back and forth, this wooden kinderboard provides amusement while it develops balance, coordination and motor skills.



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Marvelous Mini Rolling Bell

The marvelous mini rolling bell is another keen choice for developing motor skills, this time for baby. Crafted by the well-known and well-beloved Grimm’s, this eco baby toy features a colourful wooden cage surrounding a set of small balls and a tinkling bell. As babies grasp, shake and play, their muscles keep getting stronger – and their laughter ever a shade more gleeful.

Wonderful Wooden Rainbow

No respectable eco baby toy or kid toy list would be complete without the inclusion of Grimm’s wooden rainbow. One of Earth Toys top sellers, this colourful rainbow features a series of wooden shapes that can be taken apart and put back together in creative ways. Three sizes available, giving you options for kids of all ages.

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