Banh Mi

Bobby's Banh Mi options include a wide range of filling choices, letting you pick the Vietnamese sandwich that best suits your mood. Each banh mi features a hot bread roll packed with goodness, whether you go for the satay chicken, marinated or black bean beef, or pork or chicken banh mi.

Bobby's Cairns Restaurant

Rice Paper Rolls

Delicate, transparent rice paper embraces your choices of delectable fillings with the fresh rice paper rolls at Bobby’s. Opt for transparent tofu rolls or rice paper rolls heartily stuffed with marinated chicken or beef. Vietnamese pork rolls are also on the list.

Beef Pho


Pho is a Vietnamese classic, and Bobby’s serves up this rice noodle soup with sensational flair. Both beef pho and chicken pho are on the menu for you to savour and enjoy. The special beef rice noodle soup features tender beef, while the chicken pho soup is stocked with lettuce and steamed chicken meat.

Bobby's Cairns

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are another highly popular Vietnamese food delicacy, and Bobby’s serves them up deliciously deep-fried. Choose from meat spring rolls for a hearty, heavenly delight or vegetable spring rolls with a fresh and crispy bite. Both Vietnamese spring rolls come with just the right amount of authentic spices to balance their delectable texture with amazing flavour.

Bun Cha

Bun cha is another Vietnamese food fave, featuring pork patties cooked over a charcoal fire, and then served in saucy broth brimming with Vietnamese herbs. A warm and hearty meal, you can find the bun cha on Bobby’s menu under the noodle soup category; just look for the char-grilled pork patties.

Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

Bobby's Vietnamese Coffee is one more must from the menu. Here you’ll delight in a delicious cup of iced coffee that perfect complements or finishes off any Bobby's meal.

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Healthy, tasty and bursting with savoury flavours, Vietnamese cuisine is an all-time favourite for many. That all-time favourite gets even better with the generous helpings, remarkable menu and exceptional service you find at Bobby’s B1 Restaurant in Cairns. Check out Vietnamese food you need to try at Bobby’s at Oceana Walk.

Mon, 26th Nov 2018