Whether it's going harder at the gym thanks to the ultimate hip hop playlist, or Chaka Khan who has you convinced you are every woman, music, without a doubt, encourages us to keep motivated. According to The Globe And Mail, "one of music's energising effects comes from its ability to engage the body's sympathetic nervous system". This elucidates bodily movement in response to the rhythm we hear, how we suddenly feel more awake and of course, why we just need to get up offa that thing!


For a very long time, music has proven an exceptional way to exercise the brain. Particularly beneficial for the elderly, several studies have suggested that listening to music can assist in maintaining a healthy mind. Through this practice, an individual can also develop greater memory and improved concentration.


We could say it's because artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, The Brothers Johnson and George Benson know how to cheer you up, that Shakira gets those hips shaking and Bob Marley just makes you want to hug somebody, but this bliss is better explained through the chemical 'dopamine'. Dopamine is a "feel good" chemical that your brain releases in order to feel happy, motivated and focused, and when we listen to music - that's exactly what happens. Dopamine levels also increase when we exercise, eat chocolate or intake the amino acid tyrosine for example. When you're happy, you're less likely to be stressed, which brings us to...


Though the main cause of depression is uncertain, there are established factors which contribute to its progression and stress is surely one of them. Recently, CNN published the article 'This is your brain on music' outlining various scientific studies behind music and its 'potent effects on the psyche', which states a story highlight as "music was shown to lower anxiety more than medications".


Please note, this doesn't mean playing Metallica before you sleep is beneficial. However, research shows that soothing genres, especially classical music, remarkably help you to sleep better. Whether you prefer a meditative track or instrumental neo soul, it's typically recommended to hit play at least 45 minutes before bedtime, which helps to slow your heart rate and put your mind at ease.

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Through makeups and breakups, the good and the bad, when we're happy and when we're sad, music is always there. And here, why it's your sweet escape.

Wed, 23rd Nov 2016