Zambrero Mexican for Sassy Vegan

The Zambrero Mexican menu is packed with bold, modern Mexican food – that all come vegan if desired. Meat-free Monday is a regular celebration, and it’s easy and delicious to achieve with so many scrumptious vegan choices on the menu.

Go for a vegan bowl packed with black rice, cauliflower, salsa and guacamole. Or try out the vegan burrito, another way to savor the delicious taste of black rice, other veggies and guac. Don’t forget the new vegan cheese or tangy and healthy Trezigo sauce you can add to any dish.


Blackbird Laneway for Fresh-Baked Vegan

Blackbird Laneway takes the cake, literally, for fresh-baked and juicy sweet vegan options. This wildly popular espresso bar doubles as a hip hangout for anyone looking to kick back, sip Joe and enjoy some sweet vegan options.

Boysenberry jam is one vegan option, while vegan rosella jam donuts are another. You can give the original glazed, wagon-wheel with vegan raspberry jam and marshmallow a whirl, or sate your sweet tooth with the vegan blueberry ripple rolled in vanilla sugar. Blackbird Laneway is definitely the place to go for vegan goodies galore.


Pantry 15 for Trendy Vegan

With the aim of serving up happy health food in one of the coolest cafés around, Pantry 15 makes it their business to cater to all types of lifestyles and dietary preferences. That means you can bet vegan is on the menu.

The most amazing vegan pick in this slick café has got to be the new and improved Power Bowl. This super-charged option contains a mix of house-made hummus, marinated eggplant, broccolini, zucchini, avocado, turmeric coho dressing and sweet potato crisps. Not only is the dish 100-percent vegan, but we heard it’s also 100-percent yum.


Swing by any of these three shops the next time you’re looking for a vegan delight. You’ll get it quickly and deliciously at Oceana Walk.

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3 Ways to Go Vegan at Oceana Walk

When it comes to going vegan at Oceana Walk Arcade, you have three distinct ways to go. You can opt for sassy vegan, fresh-baked vegan or trendy vegan, all of which come with multiple options and high levels of spectacular taste.

Thu, 2nd Aug 2018