Oceana Walk Arcade is a retail and commercial centre comprising 2,376 sqm situated in the heart of Cairns at 55 Lake Street and connecting through to Grafton Street.

Lake Street has recently undergone major refurbishment to convert from an open air pedestrian thoroughfare to a mixed traffic zone with vehicular traffic and parking as well as a metro bus terminal. The centre is well positioned in the heart of Cairns with many hotels, hostels and self contained apartments in close proximity.

Vanessa Brown ( vanessa@clarendonpg.com.au )
Primary Trade Area
Cairns CBD primary trade area extends to Woree in the north, around to Kanimbla in the western area and up to Holloways Beach in the North. Total PTA population is estimated to be approximately 29,000 people. Market research would have to be undertaken in order to cor- rectly identify the trade areas and possible penetration.

Secondary Trade Area
The secondary trade areas extend up to Smithfield and Kuranda in the NW and down to Mount Sheridan in the south. There is potential for extension of the STA into Palm Cove and Trinity Beach given the lack of retail services in those areas thereby necessitating residents travel to the Cairns CBD, however, this would need to be properly identified as part of a market research report.
In the next five years, the total trade area popu- lation is forecast to grow at +1.5%, however, this does not account for the tourist population which Cairns CBD services and this is forecast to grow at 7% in the next five years.