EggplantGet out there and go get it! Say it loud, repeat it and remember it, because without our positive affirmations and daily mantras, we can easily forget just how awesome we really are. And we're all about the self-love these days, which is probably why we're obsessing over these handmade candles by DAMSELFLY available at Eggplant & Poppy, where sweet smells meet sass - and we're down. This way, you create a calm atmosphere, while also reminding yourself to just chill out in more ways than one. Light me some happy!


EggplantA centrepiece completes a given space, while providing the essential focal point you need for any well planned interior design - and the results? Visually stunning. You may opt for something more refined like a delicate sculpture, something sentimental like an oversized picture frame highlighting one of your fondest memories or lean toward bohemian chic, ideal for those who live between the worker and the free spirit. The macramé pictured above, which beautifully hangs over the bed, embodies a copper rod and hand dyed rope and is handmade by Elise.


EggplantIf you're a fan of pineapple prints, French fonts and all other wonderful illustrations, then don't hold back! Invest in quality pieces for fashionably complementing your interior, making your home feel warmer and putting your mind at ease as soon as you enter the front door after a long day at work. Here, adding mirrors and picture frames also works wonders for making your place feel extra cosy. When you add personalised items like these peachy-keen pillows pictured above, the expression "this house feels cold" is one saying you won't be hearing in your home!


EggplantYou've got the antique pinewood dining table, divine drapes, an ultra cool Moroccan dining set and now, what comes next? The flooring. Regardless of having impressive floorboards or not, passionately picking then placing various-sized carpets throughout your home can make all the difference. When choosing carpets and other home decor accessories, it's essential to keep in mind that no matter how erratic your interior may be - consistency is still key. Observe what you currently have in your home, and then note down any dominant colour schemes, patterns, textures and pieces so that you can appropriately warm your interior at the same time as maximising its appeal.


EggplantIf the home should be a haven, then what better way to ensure this than to bring Mother Nature inside? Plants and flowers, our flora of the Earth, remind us of natural beauty, growth and renewal. So when we have fresh flowers or plants in the house, we both purify the air and mellow the aura within the home. This is incredibly beneficial in many ways, but in particular, it reminds us to keep things in perspective; to see the bigger picture. Since everyday commitments can sometimes be overwhelming and can cause us to lose sight of our purpose, nature reiterates that we are in fact, just humans on this big planet called Earth. Make your home a place where you can escape from the "outside world" and just relax. And since Spring, the season of warmer weather and fresh flowers, is finally upon us - there's no time like the present to get green!

For all the flavour and extra lovin' your home could use, you'll find just want you need (and are sure to want) at Oceana Walk's riveting handmade wares store Eggplant & Poppy, open 6 days a week, where their encapsulating collection includes jewellery, products & gift wares, custom made items and much more splendour.

Happy planning !!!

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Fri, 5th Aug 2016