We are observing a huge awareness by the public of how their choices do impact the environment and society. There is a definite trend to buy only vintage,with many clients only giving themselves a handful of free passes to purchase something new... Others trend towards only buying classic Australian made labels like Cue or Carla Zampatti. People are sick of feeling like they are buying throw away items, and vintage clothing was made to last.

Buying vintage lets people feel good in themselves for having something unique to them, but that also doesn't impact the environment, or support dubious trade practices.

We take this message even further at home by fixing instead of dumping... Clothes, toys even furniture can be mended & restored and don't have to contribute to landfill.

So many things in this world have a lot of life left in them, it's a beautiful feeling to contemplate where something has come from, the story it can tell. And it's hugely rewarding to bring something that has been neglected back to life. And at Vintage Seeker that's what we do, bring divine Vintage to a whole new generation, make it fit perfectly with our alteration service, and make you feel good while you do it!

Vintage Seeker, Shop 11, Oceana Walk, 62 Grafton Street, Cairns.

Phone 0487 154 212


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Vintage Seeker was born out of a deep seated passion for the uniqueness and beauty of clothing from a bygone era, and with that, it wasn't long before we realised what a big difference buying pre-loved clothing makes to the environment.

There's a smaller carbon footprint, less energy used, less petro chemicals & dyes released into the environment, less contributions to landfill. Not to mention garments were often hand tailored, and never produced by child labour.

Thu, 1st Dec 2016