Otherwise known as 'forbidden rice' or 'emperor's rice', black rice is the rarest form of rice types, and is still revered the most beneficial.

As rumour in Ancient China has it, black rice was once a forbidden food that only the Emperor, his Royal Family and the wealthy were allowed to eat. This was mainly because black rice was treasured for its astonishing health benefits, which some believed could even cure diseases and propel longer living. And for those who tried to eat black rice without permission, they would suffer grave punishment.


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When you consume black rice, you obtain the highest level of antioxidants, specifically anthocyanin, among any other rice type. In recent studies, foods rich in anthocyanins were linked to protection against cardiovascular disease.

Unlike white rice, which has its outer layer removed during the making process, black rice is not genetically modified - instead, it maintains all of its layers for superior nutrient and antioxidant preservation. While white rice can sometimes leave people feeling lethargic and somewhat weighed down, black rice provides the body with the essential boost it needs to feel full yet still energised.

In addition, black rice provides an excellent source of protein, fibre and iron. And by doing so, it assists with greater digestive health and can aid bodily detox.

Black rice maintains a distinct black/dark purple colour, which is testament to its unrefined nature. It's also said to alleviate fatigue, increase metabolism and even improve memory.


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Black rice is exclusively sourced and only available at select retailers, but lucky for us - there's a place right near you. Maxing Mexican food just as nutritious as it is delicious, Oceana Walk's Zambrero, open 7 days a week, incorporate black rice as part of their 'Power Burrito Superfoods' menu. The 'Power Burrito' embodies delicious superfoods including black rice and amaranth all wrapped into a black rice tortilla, while those who prefer no bread are offered the 'Powerbowl'.

Choose from the full menu in-store today, or follow Zambrero Mexican on Instagram with a mission for foodspiration.


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Black Rice proves a low-calorie and protein-packed superfood, and here's why this 'Forbidden' type is the healthiest alternative for you.

Thu, 9th Mar 2017