Pantry 15

Whatever your style, passion or taste, Pantry 15 has your gluten-free cravings covered. Everything served in this trendy café is gluten-free, and you get a little bit of everything from which to choose. Opt for gluten free pasta salad, gluten free ready-made meals, gluten free crackers, cookies and snacksgluten free salted caramel cupcakes or their famous Smashed Avo variations pictured below.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 💖🥰 we love smashed avo 🙌

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Blackbird Laneway

As one of the hottest local hangouts in Cairns, Blackbird Laneway does gluten free up right. The shop's Vegan Banana Bread proves it. This gluten-free delight comes in raspberry or blackberry options. And it’s toasted with Nuttelex for a fully vegan experience. Pair it with a cup of the café’s captivating coffee, which features Queensland-roasted beans.

Vegan Banana Bread at Blackbird Laneway Cairns

Zambrero Mexican

If you'e hankering for zesty, bold and modern Mexican fare, you can find a fiesta of gluten-free options at Zambrero. Fresh ingredients and fresh ideas are always on the menu, as is a wide scope of gluten free options. In fact, most items on the Zambrero menu are gluten-free.

The tasty lineup includes gluten free burritos, nachos, and tacos. Don’t forget the gluten-free, vegan-friendly and low-calorie tangy Trezigo sauce. You can also check the restaurant’s allergen and dietary info list for more details.

Zambrero Lake Street Cairns Gluten Free

Bobby's Restaurant

Fans of authentic Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine can easily get their gluten-free fix at Bobby's Restaurant. The menu notes everything on it is gluten-free unless marked NGF. Gluten-free choices range from fresh rice paper rolls to stir-fried noodles topped with barbecued pork, from chicken lemongrass stir fry to salt and pepper squid.

Bobbys Restaurant Cairns Gluten Free Options

Whether you want something sweet, savoury, spicy or with an Asian twist, you'll find gluten-free choices waiting for you at Oceana Walk. Swing by for lunch or dinner today.

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Remember in the olden days when foods that were free of gluten were pretty much free of any flavour or taste? Not anymore. Gluten Free can now mean delicious, as evidenced by the generous array of Gluten Free options available at a number restaurants in Oceana Walk Arcade.

Mon, 18th Feb 2019