What prompted you to buy the record shop?

Back in October of 2017, the then-owner of the record shop (Ross Colley) offered me the business because he was planning to return to Victoria. The timing was perfect, as I had been thinking of leaving my previous employer due to health issues. Being a record collector for over 50 years, it was an opportunity to turn a hobby into an income. A slowdown before retirement, so to speak.

What prompted you to change the name of the shop from Revival Records to LP Records?

I wanted to change the name to something different, as Ross wanted to trade under the Revival Records name in Victoria. LP Records was available and had a nice ring to it.

Has anything else changed besides the ownership and name? If so, what?

We are also selling: new records and CDs, turntables, amplifiers and speakers, record cleaners and accessories, pre-loved records and CDs, and imported records from Europe.

What’s the first LP you ever bought? Is there a copy for sale in your shop?

My first album was Mott the Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes,” released in 1972. Yes, we do have copies for sale in the shop. Email us at if interested!


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With a background that includes Mott the Hoople and more than a half-century of collecting records, it’s clear the shop is in the hands of a passionate music lover. Swing by to peruse the new offerings, groove to the tunes, or just say hi. LP Records is at Shop 28, Oceana Walk Arcade, Cairns.

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LP Records: New Owner Q&A

Head to the new Records store at Oceana Walk and you’ll still find a store that celebrates the vinyl record resurgence that’s sweeping Australia and beyond. But you’ll find the shop has a different name and a new owner, and it sports a smattering of other changes that are right in tune with Cairns music lovers. We checked in with the shop’s new owner, Martin Alison, to get the score on what to expect when visiting LP Records

Mon, 26th Feb 2018