Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and bred in Cairns, and grew up on a rural property at Bellenden Ker before my family moved to Gordonvale in my final years of high school. 

My passion for horses started from a very young age, I began riding and competing at the age of two. My childhood involved horse riding and competing on performance horses at equestrian events and agricultural shows, all the way through to my adult years.

Following high school and two university degrees later, I now spend my days working as a Team Leader at Ergon Energy, where I lead a team of eleven administration staff across Cairns, Brisbane and Barcaldine.

What inspired you to agree to be a Fashion Ambassador for Oceana Walk Arcade?

I was one of four lucky ladies approached to be a fashion influencer for Oceana Walk Arcade. I am very excited and incredibly honoured for this opportunity. 

This role gives me the wonderful opportunity to continue my passion of racing fashion, and to have the ability to inspire others, as well as to mentor and guide those who share the same passion.

In your own words, how do you like to enjoy the racing season?

The most exciting part for me is the planning stage! I spend weeks looking for the perfect fabric, spend hours researching current trends and am then inspired by the European catwalks and fashion designers.

I tend to keep my inspiration and ideas to myself until I've sketched and mapped out my vision. I guess in a way, this is my creative outlet. 

It's always interesting to look back at my outfits, as they provide a reflection of my thoughts at a particular point in time. Some days, I'm feeling bold and confident, and tend to go for bold prints, textures and statement pieces. Other times, I want more of a subtle feminine feel, and go for more pastel tones and floral prints. I am very fortunate to have a super amazing dressmaker who can bring anything to life! 

What I love most about the race day itself, are the amazing people you meet and the friendships you make from being surrounded by like-minded people. It's a great network for people to come together to support one another, while having a few champagnes.

Which store/s do you particularly like to visit in OWA (Oceana Walk Arcade)? 

 Oceana Walk Arcade stocks some of my favourite brands including Camilla and Alice McCall, which can be found at Gypsett.

Vivienne Francine also stock some amazing bespoke one-off millinery pieces that I adore by the very talented Bernice Patton, who is one of Cairns' local milliners.  

My other favourite would have to be Eggplant and Poppy, they have some beautiful and unique handmade arts and crafts!

What are you most excited about this race season?

The highlight for this race season will be the Melbourne Cup Carnival where I will wear the Queensland sash with pride, as I represent our state in this year's National 'Myer Fashions on the Field' held on Oaks Day. Whilst this will be my highlight of this year’s race season, country racing still holds a special place in my heart. 

I am a committee member and fashions coordinator at the local Gordonvale Turf Club. My grandparents and family have always been involved in the racing industry, having owned and trained thoroughbreds over the years. The annual Gordonvale Cup in October is held in memorial of my late Grandfather, which is always a special event for our family each year. Our local racing is paramount to the enjoyment of the people, small businesses and our local communities - it is so important to keep country racing alive!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I enjoy my weekends outdoors, either spending time with my horse ‘Dylan’, up the lakes water skiing, camping with friends or out and about with my husband and our dog Ruby.

In my spare time, my latest creative outlet is making Kokedama (string plants), which are a modern day twist to a Japanese garden - where plants are displayed in a moss ball bounded by string. I have an Instagram and Facebook page ‘FNQ Kokedamas by Stacie’ if you would like to follow my plant journey.

We sure will!

Take note from our passionate fashion influencers, or discover your own unique style today at Oceana Walk Arcade. And stay tuned, as we race to keep you updated with the latest in trends, style news and more ›

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As the fashion partner for the Cairns Cup, Oceana Walk are thrilled to introduce this year's outstanding fashion ambassadors. Up next, meet Stacie Galeano, the award-winning Team Leader and Fashion Coordinator uniting her love of horses and style.

Mon, 7th Aug 2017