Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I moved from Melbourne to Cairns, and have been running my own entertainment business for 15 years. I am well known as a children's entertainer, face painter, musician and character entertainer at festivals and events, and most recently, for my musical endeavours with my mother/daughter trio "The Bradley's" (where Rachel works with her daughters Emily and Jasmine).

I also run my own business Cairns Costume Hire and Makeup on Mulgrave Rd, where I love passing on my character entertainment skills to the public, by transforming them with my fantasy makeovers. I call it a character building experience.

What inspired you to agree to be a Fashion Ambassador for Oceana Walk Arcade?

I spend most of my life in my costume shop transforming and entertaining people to make them feel comfortable and beautiful.

It was a great surprise and a wonderful gift to be asked to be a fashion ambassador for Oceana Walk, and to be given the opportunity to be pampered and dressed so elegantly and in such a feminine fashion - I even had my nails done for the first time!

It's also an honour to represent the more "curvy" women of Cairns!

In your own words, how do you like to enjoy the racing season?

Most of the time, I attend the races employed as a roving Character entertainer. I weave through the bubbling crowds dressed as Carmen Miranda, Marilyn Monroe or The Mad Hattress.

I add colour and sparkle to the event with my swift body art skills, and by bursting into impromptu song with groups of happy revellers with my ukulele renditions of 'Hey, Soul Sister' or 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'.

Which store/s do you particularly like to visit in OWA (Oceana Walk Arcade)?

I love them all! Especially Vintage Seeker, the Ol' fashioned record shop Revival Records and Gypsett.

What are you most excited about this race season?

That I am going to relax, get pampered and go to the Cairns Cup with my girlfriends dressed as "a lady", instead of an outrageous over-the-top entertainer (laughs). Though I'm sure I'll still burst into a song at some stage of the day!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I love the colourful and free spirited feeling of the Cairns Community. In my "entertaining" and "costuming" career, I have met some wonderful, beautiful and interesting Cairns characters from all walks of life.

I see that it's these "colourful" people that make up our great community. Cairns people love to party and dress up for an event. They also love to gather altogether to celebrate our town's uniqueness.

If you haven't found your own special uniqueness yet, then you must step into Oceana Walk Arcade, where there is something to suit everyone's character and style.

My ambition and passion is to travel, as I did years ago, into Cape York Communities to entertain the people with my "Character Building" workshops, my music, magic and makeup troop.

I want to help spread laughter, love and joy and bring out the beauty in the bush.

Sounds like that's exactly what you're doing (and Cairns couldn't agree more)!

Take note from our passionate fashion influencers, or discover your own unique style today at Oceana Walk Arcade. And stay tuned, as we race to keep you updated with the latest in trends, style news and more ›

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As the fashion partner for the Cairns Cup, Oceana Walk are thrilled to introduce this year's outstanding fashion ambassadors. Up next, meet Local Character, Entertainer, Makeup Artist and Face-Painter Rachel Bradley from Cairns Costume Hire and Makeup.

She's the all-rounder making a difference in the lives of Cape York's indigenous women, and a former finalist in the 'Sole Entrepreneur Category' of the 2016 Cairns Business Woman Of The Year awards.

Mon, 17th Jul 2017