We praise the name, and now it's time to learn the story. Director Anne Fontaine reveals the rags-to-riches tale behind the famous Gabrielle Chanel (played by an ever mesmerising Audrey Tatou), founder of global fashion house Coco Chanel, in this French bio-drama, sure to captivate through its scents, seams, romance and of course, fashion.

Memorable quote: "Even stupid books have some truth to them."


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In this all-time classic by visionary William Wyler, stricken American reporter Joe Bradley (a dapper Gregory Peck) is about to lose his job unless he can interview the guarded Princess Ann (who other than the charming Audrey Hepburn), which he soon discovers is not quite the open book, in fact, she's rather anything but - and they may just end up saving each other. In Rome, two Hollywood favourites intertwined in a romantic comedy of mishaps, royalty, love and that famous 'mouth of truth' scene, need we say more?

Memorable quote: "What the world needs is a return to sweetness and decency in the souls of its young men."


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3. AN EDUCATION (2009)

She's young, beautiful and smart, but when Jenny (Carey Mulligan), who's expected to attend Oxford, is caught off guard by David Goldman (Peter Sarsgaard), a man old enough to be her father, she soon learns a lesson only real life can teach. Lolita meets '60s suburban London in this drama of innocence and temptation, where the costume design is just as compelling and alluring as the plot.

Memorable quote: "If you never do anything, you never become anyone."


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The original may lack in the theatrical splendour of Baz Luhrmman's 2013 remake, but what it does maintain, is that a story can be just as powerful without all the decorations. Based on Fitzgerald's novel, directed by the beloved Jack Clayton and screenplay by Godfather-mastermind Coppola, this romantic drama sees Yale graduate from the Midwest, Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston), move to Long Island next door to the great Jay Gatsby (a young Robert Redford), whose heart still remains with long lost love Daisy (Mia Farrow). Intrigued by Gatsby's puzzlingly-effortless glamour and riches, Carraway's curiosity soon traps him as spectator to a world far darker than imagined.

Memorable quote (by F. Scott Fitzgerald): "There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice."


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5. REAR WINDOW (1954)

This murder mystery by the great Alfred Hitchcock, rightly named "The Master Of Suspense", may be intended to scare you, but if you're watching for the fashion, then the sublime on-screen style should thrill you the most. After breaking his leg, Jeffries (James Stewart), a full-time photographer, is homebound in a wheelchair. To keep entertained, he carefully observes his neighbours from his rear window, which leads him to believe a man across the way has just killed his wife. Along with Jeffries' nurse Stella, his girlfriend Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly), an elite fashion consultant, helps to prove his suspicions. In this tingling thriller, you get the rush and the high fashion - win-win!

Memorable quote: "Intelligence. Nothing has caused the human race so much trouble as intelligence."


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